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Noche Abierta

Noche Abierta is a publication that covers 10 years of the work of Argentine artist Pabli Stein. The book is structured in 3 large sections: the first one contains an introduction by the critic Claudio Iglesias who reconstructs the procedures used by the artist in his creative process. This first section exclusively shows paintings made between 2017 and 2020. The second section features an important printed record of Stein’s works on paper and collage. The final section contains a creative conversation with film director Sebastián Muro, a friend of the artist, with whom he made different audiovisual performances over time, and a tour of paintings from the early years along with an artistic biography. It is a book that works as a key-key to approach the depth of the work and thought of the young Argentine artist. The publication includes English translations of all the material.

NOCHE ABIERTA, works by Pabli Stein and writings about his work, Patricia Rizzo Editora, Akian Grafica Editora, 268 pages, 2021.